About Us

A family journey exploring new perspectives on plants and botanicals. 

The Rare & Wild journey began in 2017 when artist Elena Andronova and her daughter Lisa Andronova embarked on parallel journeys to explore the power of plants - through art and naturopathy.  

Family business

Lisa had always been fascinated about plants as teachers and healers - through medicine as well as food. In 2017 she launched a seasonal vegetarian dining project and Elena began to draw the ingredients which were the stars of the show. And so the savoy cabbage, Elena's first botanical drawing, was born... 

Three years later we come together to transform Elena's art into beautiful objects for the home, working with other artists and makers to make that dream a reality. Our aim is to tell the stories of the plant, to reveal the deep complexity hiding beneath the surface of some of the most common plants in our ecosystem.

Elena works from Moscow, Russia, while Lisa lives in rural East Sussex in the UK, from where Rare & Wild draws a lot of its inspiration.

We believe in creating products which revere and amplify the power of nature, keeping our impact to a minimum (which is why you will find no plastic in our packaging). That's also why we work with independent producers who make things by hand, slowly, the way nature does its work. 

We hope you enjoy our collection,

Elena & Lisa